List of blocked accounts

The Surnames are changed on - the personal request of players
Login Name Surname Amount Note
pristroj Alexey LonXXXXXXX $200-$400 PokerSchool, Texas Limit
alexpluto Alexandr EgoXXX $200-$400 PokerSchool, Texas Limit
MuseVictory Timur SpiXXX $200-$400 PokerSchool, Texas Limit
Investormax FomXX Maxim $200-$400 PokerSchool, Texas Limit
shandy07 Alla ShuXXXXXX $200-$400 PokerSchool, Texas Limit
kislenka Alexandr KisXXXX $200-$400 PokerSchool, Texas Limit
XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX $200-$400 PokerSchool, Texas Limit
KaratV451 Xxxx Xxxxxx app. $1300 X
Lapppa Xxxx Xxxxxx $50 X
Woodhead181 Xxxx Xxxxxx $350 X
igVrok Viktor GolXXXX $780 X
On pupils poker-schools accounts was approximately from $200 till $400.
Famousguy555 VLADIMIR KANXX $2428 Texas Limit 2/4 6max, 3/6 6max
truevic IVAN LYKXX app. $2000 Texas Limit 2/4 6max, 3/6 6max
bigger226 ALEXANDR GERXXXX app. $1400 Texas Limit 1/2 2/4 3/6 6max 10max
Baniphan MIKHAIL SERXXXX more than $3000 Texas Limit 2/4 6max, 3/6 6max
Zaratus IVAN OSEXXXX more than $4500. Texas Limit 1/2 2/4 3/6 6max 10max
This group of players has lost the most amount of the money.
gryphon147 Alexandr ProXXXXX $13700 Texas Limit 1/2 - 15/30
deathkiss3 Stanislav NekXXXXX $1200 Texas Limit .5/1 - 3/6
doberman158 Sergey PolXXXX $3500 Texas Limit 1/2 - 20/40
shtrek24 Oleg ShtXXXXXX $1600 Texas Limit .5/1 - 2/4

Two first counts were open at the end 2005, rest two - at the beginning initially 2006. All this time they played, paid the commission.

All these accounts there were blocked approximately April 19 2007.

Partypoker has stolen all money of all these players.

For Partypoker employees. We are ready to continue dialogue. Our players should like to get their own money back, we should like to get their own commission. My email box is still active. The email address you have in your database, Dmitry Komov.